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At the very outset, I make it clear that I am not a scientist. I am a synthetist. I will not be proving anything that I say. I will only be describing what I see.

What I see is that slowly, from amidst the human species there is emerging a new kind of being and that these new beings are linking up with each other to form a Global Network that has the potential to function as a Global Perceptual Mechanism and as a Global Strategic Guidance System.

Our Global Civilization consists of the obsessive generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction. We satisfy the desires that we obsessively generate, by consuming our environment and by exploiting each other. This has led to Overpopulation, Rapid Resource Depletion, Pollution, Global Warming and Monetary Crisis.

This has come about because Creation or Evolution requires the emergence of ever increasing levels of autonomy in order to progress.

At a certain level of development, autonomy reaches a level that makes it possible for the world to be perceived as a collection of discrete objects distinct from the perceiver and it seems that this level of autonomy has been successfully achieved within the human species.

Today most people see the world as a collection of discrete objects and themselves as autonomous entities within this world of discrete objects that has been created in time and space by a creator or creators and which will come to end in time and space as well.

This way of seeing the world is what we call the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm, (DDPP), and this perceptual paradigm has for long dominated the human perceptual apparatus.

Perceiving the world as a collection of discrete objects, generates within us an urge to manipulate these objects into positions that seem advantageous to our individual selves. The experience of this urge is what we call desire.

However there have always been people who have been able to perceive the world in a very different way.

They see the world as an eternal and stochastic process and themselves as being amidst a myriad perceptual mechanisms being generated by this process in order to perceive the potential paths of its own becoming.

Becoming aware of the world in this way is what we call awakening. There are many who are awakened. Many who are awakening, and many who though asleep know that they can awaken.

This vision of the world, that we call The Synthetist Vision, generates feelings of compassion and a willingness to devote ones life to the task of guiding the world along paths that lead to the progressive realization of its potential.

The conscious and intentional identification and the systematic linking together of all those who share The Synthetist Vision in order to achieve The Synthetist Goals is what we call The Synthetist Mission.

We call the conscious and intentional movement out of the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm and into The Synthetist Vision, The New World Movement.

The New World Movement shows us a new way to live, brings a new life for each one of us and generates a new world for us all and in doing so it brings about Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution.

While establishing and signaling its presence The Synthetist Mission helps people move out of the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm, links up those who share The Synthetist Vision, facilitates the establishment of a psychosocial support network require for their sustenance, and helps them establish new types of human relationships that inspire their lives and work.

The conceptualization, construction and operation of habitat and infrastructure that enables collective individual living is central to its activities.

The origins of The Synthetist Mission lie at the very heart of the universe before the beginning of time.

The Synthetist Vision has been perceived by various people all over the world from time to time.

Those who have been able to perceive The Synthetist Vision have invariably sought to advance The Synthetist Mission by setting up systems of teaching and training which they hoped would enable others to perceive The Synthetist Vision and come together in order to realize The Synthetist Goals.

These are beings who maintain that we do not have the right to kill others or to adopt policies of governance based on violence, coercion, intimidation and terror, disappearances, kidnapping and extortion, torture, murder, bombing and other forms of mass destruction and war.

These are beings who are committed to the rule of law, and to due legal and democratic processes and who oppose their subversion and corruption.

These are beings who are committed to the perception of potential and to the progressive realization of potential that is perceived and hence are open to change.

These are beings who love to be loved and to love and who do not wish to be feared.

These are beings who are committed to the task of turning human beings into lovers instead of into killers.

These are beings who are committed to the free expression of what it can be to be human especially in the areas of identity, gender, sexuality and belief.

These are beings who oppose the rule of Authoritarian, Intolerant, Exclusive, Gender biased, Violent, Murderous, Sadistic, Lawless Killers and who are instead committed to the establishment of a Libertarian, Tolerant, Inclusive, Gender – neutral, Non – violent, Life – affirming, Compassionate rule of Lovers.

It is possible for us to utilize all available technologies and resources and to devote our lives to the conscious advancing of this initiative.


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Ungal anaivarukkum vanakkam

in the ancient dravidian tamil language that means
Worshipful greetings to you all.

We have been told that you are gathered together today in california and massachusetts
to inaugurate and set in motion
a wave of hope that will spread throughout the world.

Hope means, that it is possible to perceive potential –
that it is possible to see new and exciting possibilities.

When we are able to see possibilities
we know that things do not have to be the way they are,
we know that we can change the way things are
we know that we can change the direction in which we are going.

As you gather together to inaugurate this global march of hope
we join you from Sri Lanka
by sharing with you the hope that we bring to the world
This is the possibility that we see,
and this is the hope that we share with you

It is a vision of all of us linking up to form a global network
It is a vision of all of us from all over the world talking to each other
through this global network
talking about how we can find a new, simple, light, joyful, loving, caring way to live;

It is a vision of all of us from all over the world talking to each other through this
network about how each of us can find a new, useful, worthwhile, fulfilling and
meaningful life for ourselves

It is a vision of all of us from all over the world
talking to each other through this network
about how we can individually, and collectively, talk to our leaders and
policy makers and guide them to address the pressing issues of our times

– the issue of over population,
– the issue of poverty and the worsening economic crisis,
– thew issue of rapid resource depletion,
– the issue of pollution and global warming. . .
in ways that will transform our civilization and allow a new world to arise –

a new world where resources are carefully conserved and dedicated
to the evolution of life beyond human being
and to its universal spread.

It is our hope that people all over the world will begin to link up
to form the global network, that will make this a reality.

This is the hope that we bring to the world
this is the hope that we add to the global march of hope that you have inaugurated.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our dear friend Dazza
and everyone out there who helped make it possible
for us to join you on this global march of hope.

to all of you we give our love, our blessings and our very best wishes.

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Our brains can be seen as a mass of neurons along which energy flows. Energy is able to flow along neurons that are connected to each other. These neurons that are connected to each other form neural networks along which energy flows.

This energy fuels the perceptual processes by which we perceive ourselves and our universal environment. The way we perceive ourselves and our universal environment in turn determines the way we relate to ourselves and to our environment.

The depth and scope of the perceptions we are able to make depends on the extent of our neural networks and the amount of energy we are able to access.

A well functioning neural network, free of blockages – which are best described as resistances – and sufficient neural connectivity to accommodate available energy flows gives rise to Mastery and The Power to Guide. A high level of neural connectivity ensures a smooth and constant flow of energy giving rise to a calm and serene disposition with deep perceptual capacity that gives rise to Wisdom, Insight and Understanding. A level of neural connectivity that reaches beyond the boundary of our skin and connects with our universal environment leads to the accessing of Enlightenment and Illumination. The consistent maintenance of such a level of connectivity leads to the practice of Respect Radiance and Compassion in our day to day lives.

Neural connectivity is both cultivated and programmed. The programming of our neural connectivity is done through primary formative processes that include the family, culture and school. Beyond this programmed neural connectivity it is possible for us to cultivate more connections and this is what gives some of us a higher level of neural connectivity than others.

Most of us do not bother to cultivate neural connectivity and in fact are not aware that we can do so. We are satisfied to function with the limited level of neural connectivity that is programmed into us by the primary formative processes that we are subjected to. These processes give us sufficient neural connectivity to see ourselves as autonomous entities within a world that is a collection of objects which have been created at a particular point of time by a creator or creators at whose mercy we are and to whose authority we must subject ourselves and which will come to an end in time as well.

This perception leads to an unending and obsessive generation of desire and a consequent compulsive search for the satisfaction of these desires which we seek to do through the consumption of each other and our environment. Some of this programmed connectivity centers around self preservation and the rest centers around reproduction with a bare minimum left over for perception of ourselves and our universal environment.

The programming process leaves many resistances and gaps as well, leading to frequent impediments to the flow of energy. These impediments are experienced as emotions, feelings, desires, cravings, impulses and urges and their physical expression often leads to violence.

When excess energy enters these limited neural networks there is a heightened attention to self preservation that leads to what we call paranoia. It may also lead to a heightened attention to reproduction with frenzied sexual imagery and activity. It may also lead to an increased attention towards the need to understand what is going on within and without us and this often leads to the articulation and maintenance of authoritarian and dogmatic constructs and to attempts to impose these on others as well.

A reduction in the flow of energy – experienced as an intense anxiety – leads to a loss of interest in life and a preoccupation with mental content that may lead to a loss of interest in survival and to self destruction.

An increase in neural connectivity along with the ability to access more and more energy leads to the perception of the world as an eternal and stochastic process and ourselves as perceptual mechanisms generated by this process in order to perceive its own potential and work towards its realization.

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It is with immense joy that I join those who share the Synthetist Vision to bring to you, from my lovely island home Sri Lanka, this message of hope today. It has taken us so long to prepare these words because they bring you thoughts that are not our own; thoughts that come to you through us from the very heart of this eternal process which we are all a part of. It has taken us a long time and a great deal of effort to access these thoughts and write them down so that we can read them out to you tonight.

Nobody likes the kind of people who kill other people. Nobody likes the kind of people who adopt killing as a policy of governance. Nobody likes the kind of people who make people disappear, who torture people and assassinate them. Nobody likes people who kidnap others and hold them for ransom. Nobody likes people who bomb thousands of people to death. Nobody likes people who intimidate and terrorize them. Nobody likes people who subvert due legal and democratic processes. Nobody likes people who have closed and static minds and who therefore refuse to allow change. Nobody likes those who stir up public disaffection against their opponents. Nobody likes people who fear to be loved but love to be feared. Nobody likes people who turn humans into killers instead of into lovers. Nobody likes such people regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, belief, or other elements of their identity.

Such people are disliked because they prevent and seek to crush the free expression of what it can be to be human – and this shows especially clearly in the areas of identity, gender, sexuality and belief.

If in order to be patriotic, if in order to be saved and go to heaven, if in order to be normal, if in order to be good one has to support such Authoritarian, Intolerant, Exclusive, Gender biased, Violent, Murderous, Sadistic, Lawless Killers, then naturally we and our communities and our nation states will come to be identified with these characteristics.

Since all Religions, all Communities and all Nations not only encourage but indeed do demand that we be saved and go to heaven, demand that we be normal, demand that we be good and demand that we be patriotic the world seems doomed to become a dark and gloomy place enshrouded in a pall of suffering, death and destruction. It is time that those of us who do not wish to contribute to this situation, made our position very clear.

We are gathered here today to send our sincere greetings to all those of you, who in the midst of this situation of seeming despair, have voted to “go forth in faith with hope”.

In doing so you have made it possible for change to happen. You have built a platform for those who have entered and those who are entering a whole new perceptual paradigm that generates a different kind of person with a different kind of character – a kind of person and character that has always been the model though never yet the norm – to come forward and help the world change direction.

These are people who adopt broadly humanitarian values, who are inclusive in their thinking, who accept the concept of Human Rights and who accept due democratic and legal processes. These are people who do not agree that states or other institutions have the right to use violence and coercion in the implementation of its policies. These are people who do not agree that the police, the armed forces and other agents of the state can use violence and torture. These are people who accept the right of every person to lead a life of their choice as long as they do not cause physical and spiritual harm to others or to their environment. These are people who perceive reality as being dynamic rather than static, relative rather than absolute and stochastic rather than deterministic..

We invite all those throughout the world who share these characteristics to join us in extending to you our congratulations on having successfully identified and elected a person who is willing to take the helm and steer the developmental process along the pathways to change that more and more of us are able to perceive.

We join all those throughout the world who share these characteristics to offer you our solidarity and support as you continue along the path that leads from the violent authoritarian intolerant gender biased structures through which we currently govern ourselves, towards new systems of governance based on tolerance, inclusiveness, widespread participation non violence and gender neutrality.

We join all those throughout the world who share these characteristics to offer you our solidarity and support towards the momentous task of beating swords into ploughshares – that is to say the task of turning funds that would be used to build weapons to buy food, to feed the hungry, clothes to cloth the naked, to build homes to house the homeless, to buy medicine for those who are sick, to set up systems of teaching and training for those who want to learn and to build and maintain massive communication networks that will make it possible for us to talk together and jointly decide the future of the world.

We join all those throughout the world who share these characteristics to offer you our solidarity as you struggle with the emerging and unavoidable task of de linking access to food, clothes, shelter, medicine, learning and communicating with one another, from access to wages within a context where less and less work is required to meet the requirements of all of humanity and where creating work simply in order to pay people for time on the job becomes meaningless.

We join all those throughout the world who share these characteristics to stand with you in solidarity as you dismantle your gruesome chambers of torture, bring your men and women of war back home and retrain them to become missionaries of hope and experts equipped to build a new world.

We join all those throughout the world who share these characteristics to stand with you as you transform your police force into a network of deeply committed spiritual guides entrusted with the task of guiding people through the intricacies of daily life in the complex global economy.

We join all those throughout the world who share these characteristics to stand by you as you transform those who man your medical services into healers who have the freedom to administer all required procedures without financial constraints.

We join all those throughout the world who share these characteristics to stand by as you transform your teachers into mentors, masters and sages, your leaders into missionaries and ministers as you energize them all towards a shift from the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm to the emerging holistic and unitive one that we call The Synthetist Vision that brings with it a new way to live, a new life for each one of us and a new world for us all.

And to you who has been identified, chosen and called and who has heeded that call of awakening humanity we extend our goodwill and our best wishes and upon you we bestow our blessings. We salute the courage you have displayed in coming forward to take the helm and steer this great process of change.

We charge you never to forget that the hope of the world is focused upon you. The gaze of six billion people is fixed upon you. We call upon you to listen and to meditate deeply upon what you hear and to speak sparingly with considered words designed to inspire, to guide and to heal. We ask you to spend the early hours of every day in the silence that lies deep within your heart where you may hear the voice of the world speak to you of what must be done if humans are to realize what they may give back to the source of all that is has been and ever can be.

Most of all we give you our love for in you we see ourselves with all our best intentions. Go forth then with faith and in joy and know that we are with you for now.

We end this message with our special salutations to Dazza Greenwood of the media Lab at MIT whose ongoing efforts to build a global mind that will enable tens of thousands of us from all over the world to link up and think together has inspired us to begin this process using available technologies on the internet to do so.

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Before we can begin our work together there is something that I want to make very clear to all of you. It is a very simple and obvious matter, but without my taking the trouble to make it very clear to all of you it is impossible to proceed.

What I want to make very clear to all of you is that I am a liar. It is impossible for me to say anything to anyone that is true. Everything that I say, have ever said and ever will say has been, is and will be a lie. It is in fact impossible for me to speak the truth however hard I may try and so I have stopped trying.

For those who never lie, who do not like lies and who do not like liars, this is the moment to leave. There is nothing I can teach you and there is nothing you can learn from me. What I have to teach is for liars like myself and only liars like myself can learn what I teach. So if there is anyone here who is not a liar it is time for that person to leave.

Let me make myself very clear. All of us at one time or another do tell lies for one reason or another. I am not referring to these lies. What I am talking about is the fact that everything we say, every single attempt we make to communicate with each other leads to the articulation of lies and nothing but lies.

Anyone here who finds it difficult to accept this premise had better leave because there is nothing further that I can teach such a person.

Now just to make sure that everyone here is on track I want each one of you to stand up and proclaim as loudly as you can – yes I expect you to shout as loud as you can – that you, so and so are an incurable liar and that everything you have ever said, are saying and will ever say is a lie including your saying that you are a liar, and this is going to be on record here.

Your ego may not like having to do this and so this is when you had better tell your ego that this is the first of many things you are going to do which it will not like. You may consider this the first step to enlightenment, the first step to freedom. To be free you must first be free to lie because all you ever do is lie and if you are not free to lie you will soon die of guilt.

Now that we accept that we are all liars we can begin to learn something about the lies we speak so freely.

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On the 26th of March, a few days after the Vernal Equinox this year, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, warned that “God will not intervene to prevent humanity from wreaking disastrous damage to the environment”. The Archbishop went on to say that without a change of heart, the world faced a number of “doomsday scenarios” including the “ultimate tragedy” of humanity gradually “choked, drowned, or starved by its own stupidity.”

This was not all that the Archbishop said. He also said that “humanity should turn away from the selfishness and greed that leads it to ignore its interdependence with the natural world,” and that ” . . .  just as God gave humans free will to do ‘immeasurable damage’ to themselves as individuals it seemed ‘clear’ they had the same ‘terrible freedom’ as a human race”.

It would seem from what the Archbishop has said, that there are those within the church who are very well aware that;

1. this civilization is based on “the obsessive generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction”, and that this dynamic leads to ” overpopulation, the avoidance of death in place of the celebration of life, rapid resource depletion, pollution, climate change and financial crisis.”

2. that the perception of autonomy of a very high degree has been successfully evolved within the human species and that failure to under stand the perceptual basis of this autonomy leads to the ignoring of the fact of our being part of our universal environment.

3. if there is a god, then this god is of a nature such that it is not going to intervene in order to protect the human species from its own folly.

Why then does the church not put away its own elaborate systems of belief and its own compulsive rituals and come forward to speak the truth in a clear, plain, simple, open and straightforward manner?

Its failure to do so for so many years renders it guilty of having caused confusion amongst its members and has actually encouraged them to continue in “the obsessive generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction” that is the dynamic underlying the emergence and sustenance of our civilization despite the fact that the church claims a commitment to the facilitation of the emergence of a new civilization that it refers to as “The kingdom of God” which it defines as a context which will be governed by the will and intention of the whole of life rather than its seemingly individual elements.

While the knowledge of the fact of our civilization being generated and sustained by a dynamic that consists of “the obsessive generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction” lies at the heart of many religions, these religions have failed to act consistently in the interests of civilizational transformation and have thus contributed to the situation we are in. It is therefore up to us to stand out clearly as “the salt of the earth” and as “the leaven within the bread” and as “Lights within the darkness” to guide the world into the new emergent perceptual paradigm that we have entered and within which we are establishing ourselves and leading our lives.

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My greetings to all those of you who have taken the trouble to put aside your work and gather together this evening, to reflect for a while on what is happening within us and all around us and try to discern how best we should proceed.

I bring you news today, of a profound and far reaching change that is looming ahead of us on the horizon. It is a change from which we cannot escape. It is a change that we cannot postpone for much longer. It is a change that will soon occupy our entire attention, engage all our energies and all available resources. Whether we are able to survive as a species, whether this planet will be able to continue to support life as we know it, will depend on the dedication with which we are able to work towards the task of mediating this change and integrating it within our lifestyles in a way that ensures our survival.

Change as always, however challenging, however unsettling, how ever frightening, brings with it both hope as well as despair. We are often too willing – in the face of change – to give into despair and lapse into paralysis. But it is also possible to rise up with hope and make the best even of a very bleak situation – and a very bleak situation is what we are now faced with.

The situation is rendered even worse by our tendency to be distracted by peripheral issues. We have lost a few centuries to the cultivation of nationalism, we have lost several decades to experiments with fascism and communism and we are now distracted by a pathological pre occupation with a battle against what we have chosen to call “Global Terrorism”. These are problems that have to be responded to effectively, but they are not the central issue. The central issue is ourselves.

We are the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the civilization that we have generated – this civilization that we have for so long been so proud of. This civilization has been generated through and is sustained by the obsessive cultivation of desires and our compulsive search for their satisfaction. I will not go into this further. It has been expounded at great length for thousands of years by wise people who have appeared from time to time. I will merely point out that this is the biggest problem that we face. Let me try to show you exactly how big a problem it is.

We are being asked to believe that sub prime mortgages in the USA are the cause of the current economic crisis. We are told that US government policy encouraged lenders to adopt lenient standards in selling mortgages. We are also told that rating agencies were lax in evaluating these mortgages. Can this indeed have been the case? Could all these watchdogs have gone to sleep on the job at the same time?

Let us look at the context within which the so called economic collapse occurred. Governments all over the world were happily printing money and there was absolutely no shortage of money. Corporate acquisitions were proceeding at an unprecedented rate. Businesses were expanding rapidly and salaries were rising in leaps and bounds as headhunters hunted scarce human resources. People bought houses, cars and all sorts of stuff. Demand for this stuff was rising, manufacturing was speeding up and the economy moving faster. The future held out the promise of better pay and more spending power. So there could not have been leniency on the part of the lenders. They simply saw very good lending prospects. It was the same with rating agencies. They could not see how borrowers could default in such a climate of rapid growth.

Then some people stopped buying. Somewhere amidst the very small percentage of the worlds population that has bank accounts, is computer literate, has access to the internet and easy access to credit, and which is therefore the engine that drives the economy with their endless consumption, a change of perception seems to have occurred. The better apartment, the bigger house, the country house and the second, third or fourth car, the yatch, the extra wide screen TV, and the smart refrigeratorseemed unnecessary. It was not the price that mattered. More and more people just ceased to see value in these commodities and far more seriously seemed to see no value in this acquisitional lifestyle as a whole.

When they stopped spending, the circulation of money slowed. Printing more money did not work because these people would not spend. Production went into surplus. Inventories built up. Companies downsized. People began to be laid off. Houses could not be sold. Prices began to be cut. Mortgages could not be paid. The prices of oil, steel and other commodities crashed as demand fell. Factories slowed and fell silent.

These items that symbolized wealth and power were no longer seen to be of value. Wealth and power themselves seemed to be of no value in the world of the future, the dawn of which was beginning to become apparent to more and more of those who had access to education and resources. More and more people were awakening to something that had been present on the peripheries of human perception from the dawn of time and which had steadily moved towards center stage where it now looms over the horizon – no longer possible to ignore.

The educated, the intelligent and the wise have reached a point where they are able to see clearly that the civilization we have built is sustained by a dynamic that consists of the obsessive generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction. They see how this dynamic has led to the increase of the human species to the point where there are far too many of us than are required for our survival as a species. They have seen how our search for eternal life has led to the survival of defective genetic elements to the point where our gene pool is polluted with defective genes so that the care of the sick threaten to overwhelm the healthy. They have seen how this search for eternal life through the deferral and avoidance of death – if ever successful – will make it impossible for the arrival of the new within a world already filled with the old.

They have seen how the compulsive search for the satisfaction of the desires that we generate has led to rapid resource depletion and pollution which has resulted in climate change that is now clearly evident and which threatens us with mass destruction through global warming, atmospheric turbulence, rising sea levels, water shortages, famines and consequent mass human migrations. They have seen that more money and more commodities and more consumption cannot help us deal with the issues ahead. Consequently they do not value money or these things any more. Those who have seen what can now be seen cannot value consumption any more. Moreover what they see scares them, leaving them bereft of desire and the compulsive need for its satisfaction.

This is no sudden development. There have always been people who have questioned the sustainability of our current civilization. In the past these have been solitary individuals with exceptional perceptual capacities who have been able to perceive the logical path of our civilizational development and consequently warn us of its likely outcome that is now rapidly being realized before our very eyes. These people warned us and called upon us to change our way of seeing the world and the way we lead our lives. Many of them set up systems of teaching and training designed to enable us to make these changes.

The situation today is different. Every kid with a computer and access to the internet can gather enough information to put together the big picture that will show them what these ancient seers saw so long ago.

The intelligent and the wise have not been idle either. They have been silently working to gather evidence and data that support their critique. They have also been busy with the task of trying to identify the kind of dynamics that will be able to supercede the generation of desires that sustains the current civilization, and they have been articulating what they are able to perceive. As a result their critique has been institutionalized within the content and process of the United Nations Organization, most notably through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in recent times, and their projections are beginning to seem more and more viable – even urgently necessary alternatives, to be pursued without delay.

In short the world is beginning to look different to a large number of people. These people are moving out of a world that is;

  • 1. Dualistic
  • 2. Authoritarian
  • 3. Creationist
  • 4. Wealth and Security oriented

in which they see themselves as being autonomous entities placed within a world of discrete objects created by a creator or creators whose origins are unknown, and a civilization based on the obsessive generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction.

They are entering a world that is:

  • 1. Wholistic
  • 2. Liberative
  • 3. Stochastic
  • 4. Relationship and Direction oriented

in which they see themselves as being amongst a myriad perceptual mechanisms generated by an endless process that proceeds along stochastic pathways of its own perceptions.

Meanwhile governments all over the world are planning to roll out what they call stimulus packages. What are these stimulus packages? They are a bundle of measures designed to increase desire and make people spend. In short, governments are going to try to stimulate desire and get the economy rolling again.

Unfortunately this is not what is required, and with the big picture becoming clearer and clearer to more and more people it is simply not likely to work. No one is going to plan on buying a ferrari when climate change is appearing on everyone’s doorstep. No one is going to get turned on by a bigger and better TV set, a country house or a fancier mobile phone when they can see that pollution is rapidly increasing. No one is likely to go out partying when they can see that jobs are being lost everyday and that many more people are going to lose theirs shortly because the things that factories make are of no value anymore.

So then what should we do?

Two very concrete things have to be done:

  • a) attend to the repair of the damage that has been caused.
  • b) at the same time change direction.

Let us look at the damage that has been caused. First the human fall out. There are far too many people on this planet and we do not know how to care for them or what they can do that will be of use to the world. People do not have jobs and are unable to buy what they need. Their jobs are redundant – the stuff they made are no longer required. Are we going to let them starve to death on the streets? Are we going to let their kids grow up without an education? Are we going to let them grow old and die without having had an opportunity to contribute to the development of the human species and the of world? No we are not, and we do see very clearly that there is work that has to be done. Work that these millions of unemployed people can do if they can see that it has to be done and if they can see how it can be done and if they choose to do it. Work that today will not be paid for and may not even be considered work, but which is work that is so vital to the future that it will turn all those who engage in it into the most valuable human resources in the world. I speak here of the work of repair and regeneration, the work of perception, the world of visualization and the projection of what is visualized and the work of helping people as they seek out ways to move out of the old and into the new. But that is still a short distance ahead and first there are five areas of intervention that will have to be engaged without delay. They are:

  • 1. Shelter, food, clothes, medicine, communication and transport for all.
  • 2. Security, from people who still seek wealth for themselves and power over others.
  • 3. Motivation, through the articulation and visual projection of the perception and realization of evolutionary potential towards lifes universal spread and its evolution beyond human being as our civilizational objective instead of the generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction that drives our current one.
  • 4. Psychosocial support that will remove our dependence on religious structures and ideological constructs so that human minds are set free from systems of belief and ritual allowing mental, psychological and spiritual development to move forward.
  • 5. Physical infrastructure that supports the new civilization and its institutional infrastructure.

How can we give them all these, you will ask me – and I can hear the rising irritation and frustration in your voice.

No single one of us can come up with the answer. To find the answers and to put them into action we have to join all those who have already seen the crisis looming ahead. They have already begun to link up to form a global network that can function as a species wide perceptual mechanism that will enable them to perceive the answers to your question and as a global strategic guidance system that can guide the developmental process towards the meeting of these essential requirements.

This process is already in motion and its facilitation will help it progress more and more rapidly. We hope that when we return on the Solstice in Summer we will be able to share with you some possible pathways that may lead to the meeting of the five requirements that we have described above. Some basic outlines of what is possible have already emerged. Others are emerging. All of them are based on the utilization of the internet in creative and innovative ways. Those of you who can see what can be done and who want to join in this work are most welcome to join us, we need the help of everyone who is willing to join in.

Till then may the hope that inspires us arise within you too and give you the energy to go forward in faith.

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